Houses (190)

€35.000(263.136 kn)
Cottage Adamovec, Sesvete, 35m2
€150.000(1.127.725 kn)
House Starigrad, Da, 100m2
€230.000(1.729.179 kn)
House Sabunike, Privlaka, Da, 182m2
€205.000(1.541.225 kn)
House Vir, Da, 92m2
€270.000(2.029.906 kn)
House Novi Vinodolski, 170m2
€92.000(691.672 kn)
House Buzet, 130m2
€295.000(2.217.860 kn)
House Jadranovo, Crikvenica, 130m2
€62.000(466.126 kn)
Antiquity Bribir, Vinodolska Općina, 236m2
€299.000(2.247.933 kn)
Cottage Vodice, 120m2
€45.000(338.318 kn)
House Grgurice, Posedarje, 123m2
€145.000(1.090.135 kn)
House Pridraga, Novigrad, 8.471m2
€550.000(4.134.993 kn)
House Kastav, 330m2
€255.000(1.917.133 kn)
House Vir, 76m2
€239.000(1.796.842 kn)
House Centar, Gospić, 388m2
€290.000(2.180.269 kn)
Cottage Ladići, Kanfanar, 121m2
€300.000(2.255.451 kn)
Cottage Bribir, Vinodolska Općina, 100m2
€415.000(3.120.040 kn)
House Vir, Da, 74m2
€255.000(1.917.133 kn)
House Buzin, Novi Zagreb - Istok, 180m2
€210.000(1.578.815 kn)
Family farm with a family house - Šašinovec
A solidly built house is suitable for a larger family,...
€150.000(1.127.725 kn)
House Vir, Da, 52m2
€370.000(2.781.723 kn)
House Bribir, Vinodolska Općina, 129m2
€750.000(5.638.627 kn)
House Milčetići, Malinska-Dubašnica, 282m2
€205.000(1.541.225 kn)
House Karlobag, 145m2
€95.000(714.226 kn)
House Vir, Da, 61m2
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