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€300.000(2.260.350 kn)
€275.000(2.071.987 kn)
Apartment Škurinje, Rijeka, 125m2
€180(1.356 kn)
Commercial Škurinje, Rijeka, 25m2
€800.000(6.027.600 kn)
House Rešetari, Kastav, 340m2
€680.000(5.123.460 kn)
House Kraljevica, 400m2
€420.000(3.164.490 kn)
House Crikvenica, 240m2
€20.000(150.690 kn)
House Ogulin, 137m2
€180.000(1.356.210 kn)
Apartment Zamet, Rijeka, 95m2
€155.000(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Bakar-dio, Bakar, 90m2
€300(2.260 kn)
Commercial Pehlin, Rijeka, 45m2
€45.000(339.053 kn)
€120.000(904.140 kn)
€900.000(6.781.050 kn)
House Drenova, Rijeka, 550m2
€300.000(2.260.350 kn)
Cottage Jadranovo, Crikvenica, 113m2
€570.000(4.294.665 kn)
€63.000(474.673 kn)
Commercial Srdoči, Rijeka, 35m2
€350.000(2.637.075 kn)
€1.000.000(7.534.500 kn)
€480.000(3.616.560 kn)
Plot Cres, 73.000m2
€3.500.000(26.370.750 kn)
€110.000(828.795 kn)
Plot Lopar, Rab, 800m2
€699.999(5.274.142 kn)
House Poljane, Opatija - Okolica, 275m2
€160.000(1.205.520 kn)
Cottage Kampor, Rab, 180m2
€750.000(5.650.875 kn)
Cottage Malinska, Malinska-Dubašnica, 270m2
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