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House Starigrad, Da, 80m2
Vacation apartment Jadranovo, Crikvenica, 86m2
House Vir, Da, 33m2
Apartment Turnić, Rijeka, 22,64m2
Vacation apartment Ika, Opatija - Okolica, 86m2
House Vrapče, Podsused - Vrapče, 350m2
House Račinovci, Drenovci, Da, 150m2
Apartment Dobrodol, Sesvete, Da, 56,80m2
Plot Mraclin, Velika Gorica - Okolica, Da, 12.300m2
Commercial Centar, Rijeka, Centar Rijeka, 40m2
Apartment Škurinje, Rijeka, 43m2
Apartment Opatija - Centar, Opatija, 42,89m2
Apartment Krimeja, Rijeka, 74m2
Vacation apartment Crikvenica, 35m2
Apartment Žegoti, Kastav, 108m2
Apartment Grbci, Rijeka, 145,28m2
Plot Poljica, Vrsi, Da, 6.736m2
House Jasenovac, 100m2
Cottage Stubičke Toplice, 22m2
House Donja Dubrava, 160m2
Cottage Marija Bistrica, 160m2
Vacation apartment Sveti Anton, Malinska-Dubašnica, 57m2
Apartment Gornja Vežica, Rijeka, 68m2
Croatia Rijeka, 76m2 for renovation, sale!
CROATIA- RIJEKA - Center, three-room apartment in a building...
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