Apartment Čižići, Dobrinj, 48m2
Apartment Čižići, Dobrinj, 48m2

Location: Čižići
Type: Apartment
Square size: 48 m2
Price: €115.000

House Čižići, Dobrinj, 100m2
House Čižići, Dobrinj, 100m2

Location: Čižići
Type: House
Square size: 100 m2
Price: €124.000

House Mundanije, Rab, 204m2
House Mundanije, Rab, 204m2

Location: Mundanije
Type: House
Square size: 204 m2
Price: €255.000

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  • Plot Sveti Ivan Dobrinjski, Dobrinj, 1.220m2
    Location: Sveti Ivan Dobrinjski, Dobrinj
    Square size: 1,220 m2
    Price: €85.400
  • Vacation apartment Polje, Dobrinj, 62m2
    Location: Polje, Dobrinj
    Square size: 62 m2
    Price: €125.000
  • Antiquity Drivenik, Vinodolska Općina, 228m2
    Location: Drivenik, Vinodolska Općina
    Square size: 228 m2
    Price: €199.500
  • Plot Crikvenica, 1.086,19m2
    Location: Crikvenica
    Square size: 0 m2
    Price: €180.000
  • Vacation apartment Čižići, Dobrinj, 44m2
    Location: Čižići, Dobrinj
    Square size: 44 m2
    Price: €89.500
  • Antiquity Rasopasno, Dobrinj, 230m2
    Location: Rasopasno, Dobrinj
    Square size: 230 m2
    Price: €159.000
  • Plot Hlapa, Dobrinj, 582m2
    Location: Hlapa, Dobrinj
    Square size: 582 m2
    Price: €30.000
  • Plot Hlapa, Dobrinj, 875m2
    Location: Hlapa, Dobrinj
    Square size: 875 m2
    Price: €70.000
  • Plot Soline, Dobrinj, 954m2
    Location: Soline, Dobrinj
    Square size: 954 m2
    Price: €153.100
  • Plot Polje, Dobrinj, 2.700m2
    Location: Polje, Dobrinj
    Square size: 2,700 m2
    Price: €189.000
  • Apartment Crikvenica, 40m2
    Location: Crikvenica
    Square size: 40 m2
    Price: €120.000
  • House Selce, Crikvenica, 54m2
    Location: Selce, Crikvenica
    Square size: 54 m2
    Price: €96.000
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