Affitto (12)

€550(4.144 kn)
Appartamento Sušak, Rijeka, 72m2
€2.000(15.069 kn)
Appartamento Centar, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, 135m2
€1.100(8.288 kn)
Commerciale Trsat, Rijeka, 140m2
€850(6.404 kn)
Appartamento Centar, Rijeka, 46m2
€1.000(7.535 kn)
Appartamento Krnjevo, Rijeka, 90m2
€1.250(9.418 kn)
Appartamento Matulji, Ljubljanska, 130m2
€3.000(22.604 kn)
Commerciale Dugo Selo - Istok, Dugo Selo, Da, 950m2
€400(3.014 kn)
Appartamento Centar, Rijeka, 40m2
€1.050(7.911 kn)
Commerciale Centar, Samobor, 262,08m2
€1.200(9.041 kn)
Commerciale Trsat, Rijeka, 140m2
€700(5.274 kn)
Commerciale Maksimir, 115m2
€660(4.973 kn)
Appartamento Centar, Rijeka, 60m2
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