Zagabria nord (10)

€63.000(473.157 kn)
Terra Remete, Maksimir, 3.560m2
€320.000(2.403.335 kn)
Casa Gračani, Podsljeme, 340m2
€189.000(1.419.470 kn)
Appartamento Gračani, Podsljeme, 160m2
€55.000(413.073 kn)
Terra Markuševec, Podsljeme, 890m2
€255.000(1.915.158 kn)
Terra Šestine, Podsljeme, 1.100m2
€153.000(1.149.095 kn)
Terra Markuševec, Podsljeme, 2.638m2
€60.000(450.625 kn)
Terra Bačun, Podsljeme, 758m2
€20.000(150.208 kn)
Terra Šestine, Podsljeme, 648m2
€156.000(1.171.626 kn)
Terra Gornji Bukovac, Maksimir, 1.000m2
€149.000(1.119.053 kn)
Casa Markuševec, Podsljeme, 220m2
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