For sale (485)

€249.000(1.876.090 kn)
Commercial Centar, Rijeka, 80m2
€255.000(1.921.297 kn)
House Vir, Da, 124m2
€247.500(1.864.789 kn)
RIJEKA- KORZO, 2-bedroom apartment, 103m2, balcony, for sale
RIJEKA- CENTAN Korzo, 2BR+DB apartment in the urban area and...
€515.500(3.884.035 kn)
Kvarner-Marinići, house 270m2 and plot of 675m2, for sale
The Croatian Adriatic and Kvarner are in the palm of your...
€79.990(602.685 kn)
Apartment Botinec, Novi Zagreb - Zapad, Da, 47,86m2
€399.000(3.006.265 kn)
Vacation apartment Baška, 114m2
€257.500(1.940.134 kn)
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 90m2
€79.850(601.630 kn)
Plot Šmrika, Kraljevica, 841m2
€230.000(1.732.935 kn)
House Vir, Da, 130m2
€299.000(2.252.815 kn)
Floor Apartment Dramalj, Crikvenica, 115m2
€155.000(1.167.847 kn)
Vacation apartment Novi Vinodolski, 74m2
€62.000(467.139 kn)
Plot Marčelji, Viškovo, 775m2
€399.000(3.006.265 kn)
House Baška, 112m2
€95.000(715.777 kn)
House Vrhovčak, Samobor - Okolica, 62m2
€156.600(1.179.903 kn)
Apartment Šalata, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, 57,48m2
€176.000(1.326.072 kn)
Apartment Gornje Vrapče, Črnomerec, 71,05m2
€242.000(1.823.349 kn)
Apartment Gornje Vrapče, Črnomerec, 68,50m2
€205.000(1.544.572 kn)
Apartment Gornje Vrapče, Črnomerec, 68,40m2
€153.000(1.152.778 kn)
Apartment Gajnice, Podsused - Vrapče, 78,92m2
€200.000(1.506.900 kn)
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 72m2
€136.000(1.024.692 kn)
Plot Novoselec, Gornja Dubrava, Da, 1.156m2
€160.500(1.209.287 kn)
Vacation apartment Povljana, Da, 44,58m2
€65.000(489.742 kn)
Plot Brnčići, Kastav, 738m2
€156.000(1.175.382 kn)
Apartment Srednjaci, Trešnjevka - Jug, 53,53m2
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