Rijeka (80)

€145.000€139.000(1.047.295 kn)
Apartment Škurinje, Rijeka, 43m2
€160.000(1.205.520 kn)
Apartment Zamet, Rijeka, 75m2
€206.000(1.552.107 kn)
Apartment Krimeja, Rijeka, 74m2
€85.000(640.432 kn)
Apartment Pehlin, Rijeka, 44m2
€248.400(1.871.570 kn)
Apartment Žegoti, Kastav, 108m2
€200.000€185.000(1.393.882 kn)
Apartment Grbci, Rijeka, 145,28m2
€219.000(1.650.055 kn)
Apartment Gornja Vežica, Rijeka, 68m2
€149.999(1.130.167 kn)
Croatia Rijeka, 76m2 for renovation, sale!
CROATIA- RIJEKA - Center, three-room apartment in a building...
€143.000(1.077.433 kn)
Apartment Kosi, Viškovo, 50,50m2
€183.000(1.378.813 kn)
Apartment Drenova, Rijeka, 75m2
€185.000(1.393.882 kn)
Apartment Vojak, Rijeka, 53,11m2
€139.000€134.000(1.009.623 kn)
Apartment Turnić, Rijeka, 51m2
€550(4.144 kn)
Apartment Sušak, Rijeka, 72m2
Rijeka- Sušak, apartment 72 m2, balcony, rent! A comfortable...
€165.000(1.243.192 kn)
Apartment CROATIA, Rijeka, 72m2
CROATIA, Rijeka, 4-room apartment 72m2, balcony, for sale!...
€530.985(4.000.706 kn)
Apartment Trsat, Rijeka, 123,50m2
RIJEKA-TRSAT, new construction of a comfortable building,...
€150.000€144.000(1.084.968 kn)
Apartment Viškovo, 50,02m2
€365.000(2.750.092 kn)
House Matulji, 347m2
€135.000(1.017.157 kn)
Apartment Banderovo, Rijeka, 46m2
€190.500(1.435.322 kn)
CROATIA - Rijeka, apartment 70m2, for sale!
From our offer, we highlight, Rijeka - (a five-minute walk to...
€597.500(4.501.864 kn)
CRO, Rijeka-Škurinje, house 250 m2, pool, yard, sale!
A rare offer on the real estate market! CROATIA, Rijeka -...
€195.000(1.469.227 kn)
Rijeka-Belveder, flat/apartment 54.25 m2, for sale!
We offer a newly renovated apartment/apartman*** with an area...
€222.500(1.676.426 kn)
Rijeka-Viškovo, Apartment 3ZKB 108m2, parking, sale!
Apartment 108 m2 surrounded by forest in a newer building with...
€145.000€130.000(979.485 kn)
Rijeka - center, three-room apartment 87.73 m2, for sale
REDUCED!!! Suitable for investors! RIJEKA- Sušak, near the...
€249.000(1.876.090 kn)
Apartment Centar, Rijeka, 80m2
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