House (143)

€255.000(1.921.297 kn)
House Vir, Da, 124m2
€515.500(3.884.035 kn)
Kvarner-Marinići, house 270m2 and plot of 675m2, for sale
The Croatian Adriatic and Kvarner are in the palm of your...
€230.000(1.732.935 kn)
House Vir, Da, 130m2
€399.000(3.006.265 kn)
House Baška, 112m2
€95.000(715.777 kn)
House Vrhovčak, Samobor - Okolica, 62m2
€849.000(6.396.790 kn)
House Kožino, Zadar - Okolica, Da, 259,80m2
€1.080.000(8.137.260 kn)
House Pobri, Opatija - Okolica, 510m2
€600.000(4.520.700 kn)
House Santalezi, Sveta Nedelja, 295m2
€415.000(3.126.817 kn)
House Vodice, Da, 135m2
€160.000(1.205.520 kn)
House Paz, Cerovlje, 200m2
€299.999(2.260.342 kn)
House Dobreć, Opatija - Okolica, 159m2
€440.000(3.315.180 kn)
House Tomići, Vrbovsko, 300m2
€300.000(2.260.350 kn)
House Bakarac, Kraljevica, 64m2
€565.500(4.260.760 kn)
House Matulji, 400m2
€720.000(5.424.840 kn)
House Žerava, Nin, Da, 180m2
€135.000(1.017.157 kn)
House Omišalj, 75m2
€620.000(4.671.390 kn)
House Krk, 170m2
€175.000(1.318.537 kn)
House Vir, Da, 136m2
€412.000(3.104.214 kn)
House Plomin, Kršan, 110m2
€92.700(698.448 kn)
House Rapavel, Višnjan, 53m2
€256.500(1.932.599 kn)
House Hreljin, Bakar, 210m2
€180.000(1.356.210 kn)
House Dugo Selo - Jug, Dugo Selo, Da, 331,23m2
€319.999(2.411.032 kn)
House Mihotići, Matulji, 160m2
€139.000(1.047.295 kn)
House Brod Moravice, 128m2
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