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€170.000(1.280.865 kn)
A large plot in contact with the construction zone
3337 m2 in a side street, 300 meters from the main road and...
€96.000(723.312 kn)
Vacation apartment Vinjerac, Posedarje, Da, 34m2
€47.200(355.628 kn)
Plot Privlaka, Da, 472m2
€315.000(2.373.367 kn)
Vacation apartment Dramalj, Crikvenica, 75m2
€80.000(602.760 kn)
Apartment Vodice, Da, 21m2
€495.000(3.729.577 kn)
House Tisno, Da, 120m2
€170.000(1.280.865 kn)
Apartment Gornja Dubrava, 76,63m2
€94.500(712.010 kn)
Apartment Gornja Dubrava, 37,10m2
€155.000(1.167.847 kn)
Apartment Vodice, Da, 56m2
€185.000(1.393.882 kn)
Antiquity Nin, Da, 130m2
€173.000(1.303.468 kn)
Apartment Utrina, Novi Zagreb - Istok, 56m2
€225.000(1.695.262 kn)
House Slivnica, Posedarje, Da, 130m2
€150.000€135.000(1.017.157 kn)
Apartment Viškovo, 50,02m2
€235.000(1.770.607 kn)
House Brestje, Sesvete, 260m2
€450.000(3.390.525 kn)
House Gornja Dubrava, 190m2
€280.000(2.109.660 kn)
House Centar, Velika Gorica, 260m2
€450.000(3.390.525 kn)
House Kajzerica, Novi Zagreb - Zapad, 155m2
€355.000(2.674.747 kn)
House Strmec, Sveta Nedelja, 156m2
€90(678 kn)
Plot Posedarje, Da, 790m2
€278.000(2.094.591 kn)
Apartment Vrbik, Trnje, 100m2
€720.000(5.424.840 kn)
Cottage Kornati, Murter, 60m2
€145.000(1.092.502 kn)
Apartment Nin, Da, 43m2
€210.000(1.582.245 kn)
Apartment Stenjevec, 65,41m2
€135.000(1.017.157 kn)
Apartment Benkovac, Da, 55,72m2
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